Vote for Bill Stevens

Vote for Bill Stevens

Dewey Voters:

I am thankful that the election board voted the way they did and we can get back to work with 14 days before the election.   Mr. Moskowitz continues to mislead the public so let’s clarify a few statements

Mr. Moskowitz Comment:  “. . . . economic fall-out” (post-Election Board Hearing e-mail from Mr. Moskowitz)

Fact: Per today’s financial report actual net operations are $40,000 below budget.  Due to an accounting misclassification, we are actually $90,000 better than budget when you remove the Bayard Loan Payment and Capital Expenditures.

Summary:  We are secure financially with over $9.8 million in net assets.

Mr. Moskowitz Comment: “Beginning with my work leading the investment committee which helped the town make $1,027,075 in investment income. . . “ (Election brochure mailed to all property owners)

Fact:  Mr. Moskowitz did not have control over the funds.  Brown Advisory invested and managed the funds. As of 4/30/2020 statement,  Brown Advisory reported to the Investment Committee that the town has lost $129,426 this year but has made $530,452 over the last 36 months resulting in a return of 1.7%.  If you want to go back to inception of 1/16/2015, Brown Advisory has returned $676,753 or 1.4%.  The Investment report can be viewed HERE.

Summary:  David Moskowitz has stated he is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant and therefore knows how to calculate and read these numbers. He is intentionally misleading you, the voter.

As a town commissioner, I will be dedicated to improving communications and will strive to continually provide those in our community with accurate, reliable information.

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